Gamo Whisper

The Whisper "The Quiet Gun" is designed for quieter shooting with special ND 52 Technology.

The Whisper "The Quiet Gun" is one of the most innovative Gamo high powered air rifles designed for quieter shooting with special ND 52 Technology. The technically advanced ND 52 technology is an integral non-removable noise dampener that reduces the noise up to 52% from standard spring air rifles! This new air rifle will change the way you think about hunting and shooting with air guns!

The Whisper offers many added benefits for hunters and shooters; The thick ventilated rubber butt pad combined with the noise dampener will soften the recoil, making it easier to stay on target and will make it much more comfortable to fire the air gun. Reduced firing blast will confuse wildlife of shooting direction and decrease spooking, keep sensitive neighbors happy while plinking in the backyard, and will not disturb fellow shooters. An interesting side benefit of ND 52 noise reduction technology is that for many individuals it will be easier for them to learn the fundamentals of marksmanship without the distraction of significant noise and muzzle blast. It will help protect shooters hearing, and a hunting dog companion is less likely affected by noise on the hunt.

Reduced Noise, Recoil, and Muzzleblast More Comfortable Shooting Increase Concentration and Accuracy
Keep Sensitive Neighbors Happy Confuse Wildlife with Shot Direction and Decrease Spooking

Gamo has received many inquiries from customers all over the world wanting a quieter air gun that delivers the same high power performance. Gamo’s Research and Development Engineers reacted by being the first air gun manufacture to successfully develop and produce the first quiet powerful air gun.

Introducing the Gamo Whisper! The Whisper is a single cock break barrel action with a rifled steel, fluted bull barrel and an integral, non-removable noise dampener that reduces noise up to 52 percent. 2-stage adjustable trigger and automatic cocking safety with manual trigger safety. Fiber-optic front and rear adjustable sights. Includes 3–9x40 scope with a 1-piece solid mount. .177 caliber shoots 1200 fps with PBA ammo or 1000 fps with lead pellets. Weight: 5.28 lbs. Length: 43.5".

Benefits when using the Whisper ND 52 Technology;
- Hunting dog companion is less likely affected by noise.
- Reduce recoil and muzzleblast
- Less disturbance to environment.
- Keep sensitive neighbors happy.
- Better target scores following more comfortable shooting conditions
- Confuse Wildlife with shot direction and decrease spooking.
- Reducing urban disturbances from gun noise is always welcome.

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