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1.The mission of Grandland Fangte

◆ Leading the industry green building to promote environmental quality upgrading

Grandland Fangte has a long-term attitude of "green and environmental protection" to ecological protection, energy conservation and human health etc., and is committed to creating a "green benchmark" of the industry with innovative technology, striving to improve the human building environment and create better space quality for mankind.

2.Vision of Grandland Fangte

◆ Make the staffs happy Make the customers satisfied Make the society respected

3.The spirit of Grandland Fangte

◆ Hard working, be brave to innovate, be brave to take on.

Grandland Fangte, during the process of rapid development and continuous growth, under the leadership of outstanding business leaders, has developed an excellent corporate culture and formed a distinctive and unique Fangte spirit.

" Hard working, be brave to innovate, be brave to take on." Hard working is that staffs of Fangte will never retreat by no matter what kind of situations and difficulties they face; be brave to innovate is staffs of Fangte to adapt to the times, take the initiative to change, innovate in their posts, everyone innovates and all the members innovate; be brave to take on is attitude, style, responsibility and boldness of the king.

4.The core values of Grandland Fangte

◆ Practical attitude——advocating practical work and unity of knowing and doing

◆ Profession——Proficient in the industry, High efficiency and quality

◆ Team——Openness and inclusiveness, Collaboration is complementary

◆ Caring ——Staff care and go hand in hand

5.Human concept of Grandland Fangte

◆ Passion and aggression, always appointed talent personnel , always stress on virtual personnel.

Fangte always insists on the principle of "putting people first and respecting talents", and gives full play to the value of those with ability and potential. However, thoughts and moral characters are important requirements for talents, and it strives to be " the capable and virtuous person is in the high level, those who are capable but without virtue is in the intermediate level, and those who are not capable can only be at the grass-roots level ". It also requires being positive and passionate in the work.

6.Management idea of Grandland Fangte

◆ Customer oriented, Take harmony as the foundation and take wisdom as the first priority.

Management idea of Grandland Fangte is summarized as "three for" guidance.

Customer oriented: insist on customer first and provide quality products and services to customers.

Take harmony as the foundation: persist in harmonious development, establish harmonious symbiosis among enterprises, employees and customers.

Take wisdom as the first priority: stick to innovative thinking and lead the future of the industry with smart innovation.