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Grandland Fangte is a national High-Tech enterprise, which has more than one hundred utility model patents and 4 national invention patents. Technology Innovation is the core of enhancing competition for modern enterprises. As a High-tech enterprise, the company has been committed to the improvement of technological innovation system in recent years and at the same time, the investment in technological innovation and strengthens the cultivation of technical innovative talents accordingly. Through long-term construction and development of technology innovation, the company now has a group of professional research and development teams with excellent technology and strong innovation ability. Based on that, the company is committed to the development and promotion of new products, new technologies, new materials and new crafts.

Processed management——
Established an unified management standards, improving the ability of centralized control through the same organization chart and system.
Established a integrated management platform for business, increasing company’s information transparency.
Established a monitor platform for business, did intelligentized caution to unusual key points.
Standarded management——
Cleared the management requirement, pulling up the information management through management analysis.
Established Horizontal business integration and Vertical group integration, in order to achieve the account automatically.
Provide the multi-dimensional analysis reports, heavily supporting management accounting.
Structured management——
Established “schedule, resources, cost, income and capital” line, making the business process more clearness.
Gradually established Internal and external collaborative platform, improving the efficiency of imformation translation and process treatment.
Reducing some artificial treatment ,increasing the efficiency of implementing by intelligentized reform.
Intelligentized management——
Established norm management system, gradually finished the dddca recycling of Cost Management.
Established totally mainline system of norm, budget, control and accounting, in order to controlling the cost strongly.
Established projects automatic accounting platform, improving the precision of cost keeping and analysis capability.
Digitization management——
Established company’s management version, and carried out those version by Information management program.
Gradually increased the coverage of imformation management and the utilization of imformation resource.
Through  intelligentized reform and optimized process, reduced the handling links and reliance on experience.
Realized strict authorization control ,and built a system of breaking rules in the processing.
Made clear the process and position, established the control points.
Established Unified data system and Process specification, and finally made multi organization and multi function consistency .
Tabular management——
Adopting to the systematic thinking?of innovation management approaches,through operation system construction,thoroughly analysis and distinction the relationship between function and duty,and cleared the ambiguousness of distribution function
Making use the measures of Process Control,standardizing the function operation,cleanning the business process,finally get rid of darkness in daily management.
GrandLand with GuangZhou Academy of fine arts held a "joint training graduate student demonstration base" opening ceremony,Yue-sheng Wang, Vice President of the GuangZhou Academy of fine arts with the dean XiaoPing of ShenZhen GrandLand Construction Decoration Design Institute signed the cooperation agreenment of "Grandland decoration space construction lab" ,Shenzhen GrandLand Construction Decoration Design Institute honorary deanHailang Peng and other five elite designers were hired as the conductors.This cooperation opened a new charpter for grandland’s joint training between enterprise and school.