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Grandland Fangte is a national High-Tech enterprise, which has more than one hundred utility model patents and 4 national invention patents. Technology Innovation is the core of enhancing competition for modern enterprises. As a High-tech enterprise, the company has been committed to the improvement of technological innovation system in recent years and at the same time, the investment in technological innovation and strengthens the cultivation of technical innovative talents accordingly. Through long-term construction and development of technology innovation, the company now has a group of professional research and development teams with excellent technology and strong innovation ability. Based on that, the company is committed to the development and promotion of new products, new technologies, new materials and new crafts.

Over the years, the company team’s continuous exploration of technological innovation has made itself always in the leading position in curtain wall technology. "Science and technology creates the future" is the technical tenet which we pursue. We will continue to promote the research and development of curtain wall technology and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the upgrading of the company's internal industrial structure,enhance the market competitiveness, and create greater value for society.

  • 集成太阳能热水器窗系统

  • 集热百叶幕墙采暖系统

  • 可拆换单元幕墙系统

  • 混框幕墙导排水系统

  • 玻璃面板

  • 采光顶收口防水结构

  • 超导热管结构和太阳能集热器

  • 打点定位辅助仪

  • 单元幕墙密封系统

  • 单元式幕墙

  • 单元式幕墙

  • 单元式幕墙

  • 单元式幕墙支架系统

  • 多功能折叠阳台装置

  • 多功能折叠阳台装置

  • 高强度玻璃幕墙

  • 可拆卸门窗

  • 可拆卸门窗

  • 可拆卸门窗

  • 可拆卸式玻璃百叶窗

  • 可更换轨道式推拉窗系统

  • 可调节隐藏式钢龙骨连接结构

  • 空调主机安装结构

  • 框体结构、幕墙及窗

  • 立柱连接结构

  • 门窗

  • 密封胶条

  • 幕墙连接装置及幕墙

  • 幕墙通风结构

  • 幕墙装饰柱单元及单元式幕墙装饰柱

  • 拼接结构和拼接板房

  • 水收集利用系统

  • 玻璃幕墙单元

  • 一种单元式幕墙防火封堵结构

  • 幕墙抽屉式阳台

  • 幕墙真空吸盘安装系统

  • 无拼接缝的铝合金窗

  • 用于单元式幕墙上的通风结构

  • 圆管夹具及加工中心数控机床